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How to find the best friendship app with only genuine profiles 2021

If you are here, then it has been a challenging year for you to connect to people, and it’s been a difficult year for dating too. Most of us get ghosted, or instead, we don’t get the match we prefer. But what to do now? How to make friends? Are you tired of trying to meet new people? So it’s time to get over it. Most of the dating apps never want to know what we want.

What kind of relationship do we desire? So it fails every time to bring you the perfect matches. Haplly, India’s best friendship app helps you to connect to your people in one click. Its features allow you to express your real emotions to people in a unique way. Haplly believes if you want to be happy, connect. It’s the time to listen to your heart and connect to your kind of people happy. To know-how and to join, let us tell you why this Haplly is just perfect for you. 

Say no to fake ids

The standard issue of the dating app is a large number of fake ids. We all have gone through more or less the same experiences. Many of us even have faced harassment through these fake ids. At the same time, Haplly, on the other hand, has a developed feature to detect and prevent counterfeit ids in their application. So if you are tired of the dating app experience, you may want to give this application a fair chance to make your journey of friendship transparent.

  • It verifies the user’s image with “real-time-image” verification. When you open an account to make sure you are the natural person to handle the account.
  • It takes approximately one day to verify your account so that you can continue swiping with the real people on screen.
  • By real-time image verification, it ensures that everyone who is using the application has genuine ids.
Bob Best friendship app with only genuine profiles

But still, you may wonder how it helps you meet the genuine people you have been searching for. No worries, Haplly India’s best friendship app uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) algorithms to make your experience more convenient. To get a clear vision of how these algorithm works, you must know about AI and ML algorithms.

  • AI means, Artificial Intelligence is like human-made thinking power. It’s specially made for the machine to learn the deep thinking of the user’s desires and get the knowledge of the likings and disliking of a person. So it has been created to build an intelligent machine.
  • MI is, Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning enables the system to learn and predict about the users from the past data collection. So it becomes easier for the user to connect with the system more frequently.

Now you know how these algorithms work to find you the perfect matches in the nick of time, without any struggle. But, first, AI and ML find out the user’s behavior to get an accurate idea of how they may react or their liking preferences.

It helps people from all over the country to connect to the perfect people happily. 

No Relationship Stigma: Connect with heart

Human relationships are beyond application. A dating app always limits the human from getting connected with a certain level of a relationship. But are we that limited? We, humans, tend to make many different kinds of relationships at various stages of our life. Then how can a dating app decide what type of relationship we want? And so, it always fails to meet its users’ expectations.

Haplly has been made to fill this void. We know how much your heart desires. The best friendship app for women in India presents unique features to express your views to people in just one click. To make a better understanding, we have pointed out the elements for you.

  • There are different kinds of features like the Pink Rose swiping. If you pink rose (swipe right) someone, it means you like them. And they want to make a good connection with them.
  • If someone yellow roses you, it means they want to develop a friendship. And want to advance the conversation with you.
  • If someone sends you a purple heart, it’s a sign of appreciation.
  • You can also send gifts to each other. By this, you know, you have got an admirer.
  • There is also a feature of using red roses. If someone red roses you, then it means they are in love with you. But Haplly limits the use of this feature so that you can choose this wisely.

Red Rose - Haplly Best Friendship App
Yellow Rose - Haplly Best Friendship App
Pink Rose - Haplly Best Friendship App

Sounds interesting, right? All these features let you express your emotions more profoundly. Approaches with colors allow you to show different affection towards different people you meet on Haplly.

We often get confused about what the other person wants from the newly developed relationships. But these features with colors reduce misunderstandings and create transparency in the relationships. So you get fewer rejections and more acceptance. 

Does dating apps promise you the perfect one?

It is probably the most critical question we ask. Do people capable of getting us connected to the perfect one? How many of us have been able to find the one we are looking for? Maybe some of us have seen it, but many of us are still wondering how to find the one.

To understand you and your partner’s emotions, Haplly has many advanced features. It is only India’s best friendship app to make your journey of relationships beautiful. It lets you connect to your friends who will understand you. I will be there for you and give you the shoulder to cry.

To find you a reliable person, Haplly verifies the profiles every often so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience from our side. India’s friendship app allows you to tell us your problems if you suspect something wrong. So we let you have control over your choices. We care for your emotions and time, so we always show you your pink rose’s genuine Ids and compatible people.

What makes Haplly the best friendship app?

It has been a long journey of dating apps in the virtual world, but it is surprising how this has no changing effect on the youth. They are still wondering how to connect to the world. So Haplly is specially made for those who want to meet their long-desired squad or the one to love. Haplly generates new trends to make it a fun and genuine experience for their user because we care and want you to connect through Haplly happily. Hence we can say, Haplly is India’s best friendship app.

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